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Fun is the Sun

The Buzzy Bees Inn Daycare Center will host a fun morning of activities for all children attending the center ( 130 children). The activities consist of knocking down the cans/ bottles, pin the tail on the donkey. musical chair and potato bag race. Bouncers will also be available for the children to jump and have fun. breakfast, snacks and lunch will be provided for the children. the volunteers will be in charge of the games and activities for their classes. parents are also invited to assist.
Currently 4 volunteers wanted
The Children will have a fun day outside. playing game and developing their gross motor skills. The children will be able to socially interact with other children and with their group leaders.
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Project information. 1. Building of 4 benches in the playground area as a seating area. 2. Painting of the playground material....
Friday • 08:00 - 13:00
Foundation For SDA Education St. Eustatius
Josiah N Berkel Road #3
Josiah N Berkel Road #3
0 / 7 Volunteers
The school has three unpainted picnic benches on the premises. We would like to paint them in a color that our students like. The color is to be decid...
Friday • 08:00 - 12:00
Foundation Roman Catholic Education (Golden Rock School)
Van Tonningenweg 12
Van Tonningenweg 12
0 / 5 Volunteers
Through cleaning and painting the outside and inside of the school including a classroom container, and by planting new flowers and shrubs, the studen...
Friday • 08:00 - 15:00
New Challenges Foundation
Rosemary lane 19
Rosemary lane 19
0 / 3 Volunteers