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SEFG Farm Upgrade

Statia's Earth Farm and Garden (SEFG) is an eco- friendly and educative foundation that is creating and organizing green, sustainable, animal friendly and most important, child friendly projects. The first project that will be the solid ground of the foundation is the 'Pet Farm' project. The pet farm is a project that is close to the heart. As a child Eligio Woodley grew up around animals. It is in his nature to be around animals and take care of them. We have chickens (that give us the Eggcellent eggs), rabbits, sheep's, goats, a cow and a calf, ducks and pigs. In the future there are more animals to come. The idea for the pet farm is to create a place where human, animals and nature come together in harmony and learn from each other. SEFG wants to be unique and create a pet farm with a priority in educational elements. The educational elements are for both young and old and are showing in the future activities such as feeding animals, bottle hour, bonding with pigs, an adventurous nature playground, treasure hunts, edible trails and more. In 2018 everyone had the chance to see the pet farm developing! This year we hopefully getting more land to expand, have an official playground for kids and official opening hours. The goal for 2019 is that the whole family and organizations in Statia can enjoy the pet farm. Therefore the farm needs a small upgrade.
Currently 13 volunteers wanted
We would like some help with creating - Shade area's with self made gazebo's - Expanding one chicken coop - Fencing the new piece of land
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To paint the inside of the black smith shop it will be used as a exhibition house....
Friday • 08:00 - 16:00
St Eustatius Historical Foundation
0 / 7 Volunteers
Painting the outside of the park...
Friday • 08:00 - 15:00
Island government Unit M & W
brede weg
brede weg
0 / 6 Volunteers
Saturday • 18:00 - 21:00
Turbulanzz Band Foundation
The Mall
The Mall
0 / 5 Volunteers