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15 & 16 MARCH 2024

Financial support

How can you apply for financial support?

You can only apply for financial support after you have registered your project. In your STATIA DOET account you will find a button called 'apply for financial support'. You can open and create an account by clicking the button "Login" on the top right of the website.

  • Note! The button 'apply for financial support' is only active if you indicated that you need more than 5 volunteers and if you have entered your banking details under the organization information.
  • Note! Applications can be submitted until January 16th, 2024. Funding is provided on a first come first serve basis, so please send in your paperwork early!

Conditions regarding your application for financial support:

  • Your organization is an official foundation, school or association and you have a dedicated bank account;
  • Your job is registered on
  • Your job fits in with the spirit of STATIA DOET: for your organization to seek new volunteers who can help you to get a specific job done on Friday March 15th and/or Saturday March 16th, 2024.
  • You need at least 5 new volunteers per project.
  • Only one financial support will be granted per address/location.

Note: We would love to help as many organizations as possible, but we have a limited budget. If you do not meet the above criteria, you will not be eligible for financial support. It goes without saying that your organization can still participate in STATIA DOET. Register your projects early and give volunteers more opportunity to notice you.

What we reimburse:

  • Raw materials (such as paint, paint equipment, wood, cleaning materials) and trees, bushes and materials to build greenhouses or gardens
  • Rental of larger tools and equipment such as ladders, high pressure cleaners, excavators, etc.
  • Food and drinks to keep your STATIA DOET volunteers going (maximum $150 USD)

Exclusively for institutions / organizations that take care of challenged persons and/or the elderly:

  • Costs you made for a day trip, such as transportation and entry fees
  • Salary of artists, hairdressers, manicures etc. if your job is a make-over party
  • If your activity is a high tea, lunch or dinner, you can use the entire grant for food and drinks 

What we do not reimburse under any circumstances:

  • Jobs and/or organisations who do not meet all criteria
  • Purchase of pre-built material or prêt a porter goods
  • Presents or activities to thank your staff or regular volunteers
  • Promotion material and/or prizes for bingo, games, etc.
  • Jobs or goods that are beneficial to a sole individual or their personal home. 

The financial procedure

Your STATIA DOET application form should get to us before January 16th, 2024.  We will notify you if we (wholly or partially) accept your application. You will receive the money via bank transfer or check via Labor Office of the Island Government mid February, 2024 for it to be possible to make the necessary purchases in time for STATIA DOET.