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15 & 16 MARCH 2024

Tips, Inspiration and Downloads

Handy STATIA DOET Downloads

Here you will find downloads with important STATIA DOET information to ensure a successful STATIA DOET 2024 for everyone!

In the STATIA DOET TOOLKIT, a plethora of information is available to you for the ultimate success of your STATIA DOET project(s). In the Toolkit you will find various ideas for projects, trips on how to make your job/project a complete success and how to attract attention to your project and organization. There is also a checklist within the document, that provides you with very important data and dates as you make the necessary preparations for March 15th and/or 16th, 2024. 

A sign in sheet / attendance list has also been made available for you to keep track of your volunteers, keep this information for future projects. It might come in handy when you need some helping hands again!

Here you can also find a template sponsorship request letter if you do require additional funds/goods as well as a list of media contact that you can use to send out your press releases (attract volunteers, thank sponsors, etc.)

Included you will also find the generous deals Divico has provided all STATIA DOET participating organisations to ensure success for their 2024 projects.

TIP: Make note of your login information and keep them safe!